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12 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Photo credit:  Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

The purpose of wearing makeup is to help you look your best. Unfortunately, as you age, there are times when applying makeup can actually make you look years older than your actual mileage. And, really, who wants that? So here are some important makeup tips that will help keep you looking young and attractive, no matter how old your driver’s license says you are.

1) Avoid Bleed Outs — Keeping Your Lips In Line

As you age, the area around your mouth is especially prone to developing tiny lines and wrinkles that others may not even notice. That is, until you apply a fiery red or dark maroon lipstick that bleeds or feathers into those fine lines. Suddenly, those small lines are apparent to everyone.

Solution: Before applying your lipstick, it is best to prepare your lips first by moisturizing them so that you will have a smooth surface to begin with. Then use a flesh-colored lip pencil to define your lips. Using lip liner will also help you to recreate the shape of your lips which can sometimes get less defined as you age.

Next, use that same nude pencil to fill in your lips so that your lipstick has something to latch onto. Finally, apply your lip color. Another tip: try applying a translucent powder just outside your lip line with a cotton swab, which will also help keep your lipstick color from bleeding out into those fine lines.